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movie_greats's Journal

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a forum for classic movie fans (up to 1979)
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I know there are already quite a few LJ movie communities, but I’m hoping this one will be a bit different. I’m hoping it will be a community where discussions get a bit more in-depth than just “who’s your favourite movie star?” or “OMG my favourite movie is Gone with the Wind!” I’m hoping we’ll get some real discussions happening. On the other hand I’m not aiming for nothing but serious scholarly analysis of movies. I want it to be fun.

The reason for the cut-off date of the late 70s is that I feel the whole nature of movies changed with the advent of the Spielberg/Lucas type of blockbuster. That doesn’t mean that movies made after that date can never be discussed, it just means that I want the main focus to be on films made prior to that time. ThereI’d also like to see discussions of non-Hollywood movies as well as Hollywood movies.

There's only one real rule here - no political discussions of any kind. Politics has killed too many online groups.

I also run:

cult_movie - for lovers of all kinds of cult movies, B-movies, etc.

pre_code_films - the outrageousness of Hollywood pre-code cinema 1929-1934

cult_tv_lounge - cult TV of the 1960s and 1970s

strange_tears Symbolist art & literature and related topics

anti21stcentury - If you hate the 21st century here's your chance to tell us why!


Some other communities you might find interesting -

pre_code_films - discussion of the racy and highly entertaining Hollywood films of the pre-code era (1929-34)

silent_films - movies of the silent era

This community is maintained by dfordoom

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