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a forum for classic movie fans (up to 1979)

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October 17th, 2018

seldonp38 @ 08:03 am: "THE GAMBLER FROM NATCHEZ" (1954) Review


I wrote this REVIEW of the 1954 costume adventure film, "THE GAMBLER FROM NATCHEZ". Directed by Henry Levin, the movie starred Dale Robertson and Debra Paget.

October 14th, 2018

allisontooey @ 10:07 pm: Apocalypse...1930's
I've posted a review of the early disaster movie Deluge over at my journal.

Review here: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/211668.html

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October 10th, 2018

allisontooey @ 08:45 pm: I'd pay to see a crossover with "The Reluctant Dragon"
I've posted a review of the movie The Reluctant Debutante over at my journal.

Review here: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/211328.html

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October 6th, 2018

allisontooey @ 10:27 pm: With a title like that, this movie probably should have been in color...
I've posted a review of The Strawberry Blonde, starring Rita Hayworth and James Cagney, over at my journal.

Review here: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/211035.html

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September 30th, 2018

allisontooey @ 04:27 pm: Murder (and relationships) most foul
I've posted a double feature of silent movies, Pandora's Box and The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog, over at my journal.

Pandora's Box review: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/210273.html
The Lodger review: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/210549.html

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September 29th, 2018

seldonp38 @ 09:04 pm: "DRAGONWYCK" (1946) Photo Gallery

"DRAGONWYCK" (1946) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from "DRAGONWYCK", the 1946 adaptation of Anya Seton's 1944 novel. Written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, the movie starred Gene Tierney and Vincent Price.

September 23rd, 2018

allisontooey @ 11:01 pm: At least it's a different sort of crime than we usually see...
I've posted a review of a movie I first heard about here, The Counterfeit Plan over at my journal.

Review here: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/209802.html

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seldonp38 @ 01:04 pm: "SHANE" (1953) Review

"SHANE" (1953) Review

I wrote this REVIEW of "SHANE", the 1953 adaptation of Jack Schaefer's 1949 novel. Directed by George Stevens, the movie starred Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur and Van Heflin.

September 19th, 2018

allisontooey @ 09:53 pm: Time keeps on slipping...
I've posted a review of Judy Garland's The Clock over at my journal.

Review here: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/209660.html

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September 15th, 2018

allisontooey @ 08:18 pm: More like Watch on the Potomac
I've posted a review of Bette Davis' Watch on the Rhine over at my journal.

Review here: https://allisontooey.livejournal.com/209203.html

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