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Santiago (1956)

Santiago is a 1956 adventure film set during the Cuban revolution of 1898 and starring Alan Ladd and Lloyd Nolan. And it’s nowhere near as bad as its dire reputation would suggest. It’s not great, but it’s reasonably enjoyable.

Here’s the link to my review.


Manuela (1957)

Manuela (1957) is an odd but interesting 1957 British adventure/romance with the emphasis on the romance between a gruff alcoholic sea captain (Trevor Howard) and a pretty young stowaway (Elsa Martinelli). Wonderful acting from a great cast and it’s really a charming little film which I highly recommend.

Here’s the link to my review.


Chu Chin Chow (1934)

If you like your classic movies a bit offbeat then the 1934 British musical Chu Chin Chow is definitely worth a look. There aren't many musicals that combine songs with massacres. Plus it's visually flamboyant and it stars Anna May Wong.

Here's the link to my full review.


best classic movies 2020

These were the classic movies I enjoyed most during 2020. They’re listed in order of release date, with links to the reviews on my blog.

The Scarlet Empress (1934, Josef von Sternberg). The most gloriously excessive and uncompromising of von Sternberg. Style, style and more style.

The Fallen Idol (1948, Carol Reed). Scripted by Graham Greene. Intelligent, complex drama about human frailties.

The Small Voice (1948, Fergus McDonell). A gripping British crime thriller.

Naked Alibi (1954, Jerry Hopper). Superb film noir with an awesome cast - Gloria Grahame, Sterling Hayden and Gene Barry.

Une Parisienne (1957, Michel Boisrond). Charming French romantic comedy. What can I say? I adore Brigitte Bardot.

Room 43 (1958, Alvin Rakoff). Diana Dors in fine form in a steamy sleazy slightest noirish drama.

Man in the Back Seat (1961, Vernon Sewell). Absolutely top-notch offbeat British film noir.

Candidate for Murder (1962, David Villiers). A British Edgar Wallace thriller and a great example of what can be done on a limited budget.

Robbery (1967, Peter Yates). Brilliant British crime thriller from the director of Bullitt.

The posts that have been most popular with readers this year have been the very slightly noirish private eye mystery Twenty Plus Two (1961, Joseph M. Newman), the mildly disreputable and slightly trashy Girls in Prison (1956, Edward L. Cahn), Futures Vedettes (1955, Marc Allégret), a fine Brigitte Bardot romantic melodrama and the steamy crime potboiler The Girl in Black Stockings (1957, Howard W. Koch).