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October 19th, 2016

allisontooey @ 10:25 pm: Watch Out for the Ghost Cows While You're Up There
I've posted a review of James Stewart's No Highway in the Sky over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/149048.html

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October 16th, 2016

dfordoom @ 09:42 pm: The Teckman Mystery (1954)
The Teckman Mystery is a 1954 British crime thriller with a hint of espionage as well.

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October 12th, 2016

allisontooey @ 10:40 pm: Stupid? Yes. Entertaining? Even More Yes.
I've posted a review of The Concorde; Airport '79, the last of the Airport movies (but not the last "Airplane in trouble" movie we'll see this month) over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/148575.html

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October 8th, 2016

allisontooey @ 02:06 pm: Well, They DO Say the Third Movie is Generally the Worst One...
I've posted a review of Airport '77 over at my journal as part of my Airplane Disaster Month series.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/148318.html

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October 5th, 2016

allisontooey @ 09:06 pm: Stock Characters, You Are Cleared For Takeoff...
I've posted a review of Airport '75 over at my journal as part of my month-long Airplane Disaster Movie examination.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/147990.html

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dfordoom @ 09:22 pm: The Underworld Story (1950)
The Underworld Story is a 1950 crime thriller directed by Cy Endfield. Some people regard this as a film noir although I have no idea why. It’s more of an overheated melodrama.

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October 1st, 2016

allisontooey @ 04:08 pm: Everyone Has a Part to Play
I've posted a review of the Burt Lancaster movie Airport over at my journal. Sadly, I can't include a movie poster like I normally do thanks to Livejournal technical issues, but hopefully things will be straightened out soon.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/147743.html

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September 25th, 2016

dfordoom @ 10:26 pm: Secret Mission (1942)
Secret Mission is a 1942 British wartime spy thriller. It features a good cast but it has a few problems.

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September 24th, 2016

allisontooey @ 11:26 pm: Chalk it up to uncertain screenwriters
I've posted a review of Paul Newman's The Hustler over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/147228.html

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September 18th, 2016

allisontooey @ 05:58 pm: All at C
I've posted a review of the crime/noir movie C-Man over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/146815.html

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