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February 14th, 2017

dfordoom @ 07:29 pm: The Clue of the Silver Key (1961)
The Clue of the Silver Key is one of the incredibly numerous series of Edgar Wallace adaptations cranked out by Britain’s Merton Park studio around 1960-61. This particular film came out in 1961.

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February 12th, 2017

allisontooey @ 11:22 pm: The Early Concert Video
I've posted a review of the...I guess it's a musical Hi-De-Ho over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/159056.html

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February 11th, 2017

dfordoom @ 09:05 am: Man with a Gun (1958)
Man with a Gun is one of the countless crime B-movies churned out by Britain’s Merton Park Studios in the 50s and early 60s. It’s not dazzlingly original but it’s well-made and pretty entertaining.

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February 8th, 2017

allisontooey @ 11:14 pm: "A Hiss in the Night" Could Have Worked Too
I've posted a review of the semi-noir movie A Shriek in the Night over at my journal.

Review: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/158946.html

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February 4th, 2017

dfordoom @ 04:25 pm: Suspected Person (1942)
Suspected Person is a 1942 British crime thriller about American gangsters in London.

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January 31st, 2017

seldonp38 @ 06:53 pm: "MOROCCO" (1930) Review

"MOROCCO" (1930) Review

I wrote this REVIEW of "MOROCCO", the 1930 adaptation of "Amy Jolly", Benno Vigny's 1927 novel. Directed by Josef von Sternberg, the movie starred Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich and Adolphe Menjou.

January 28th, 2017

dfordoom @ 08:06 pm: Salute the Toff (1952)
There were two British mystery thrillers made in the early 50s based on John Creasey’s popular Toff novels (reviewed here). Both were thought for many years to be lost films but a few years back Renown Pictures found prints of both films. The first Toff film, Salute the Toff, was originally released in early 1952 to be followed by Hammer the Toff later the same year.

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January 25th, 2017

allisontooey @ 04:04 pm: We Interrupt This Review For a Special Bulletin...
I've posted a review of The Night America Trembled, a reenactment of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast, over at my journal. Tragically, I can't include a poster this time around.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/157564.html

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January 22nd, 2017

dfordoom @ 07:20 pm: Offbeat (1961)
Offbeat (released in the US as The Devil Inside) is a 1961 low-budget film noir-influenced British crime thriller concerning Scotland Yard’s famous Ghost Squad. This was a real-life division within Scotland Yard whose officers infiltrated criminal organisations for extended periods of time.

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January 18th, 2017

allisontooey @ 10:45 pm: It Kind of Reads Like a Headline From the Tabloids, Doesn't it?
I've posted a review of the "true story" I was a Communist for the FBI over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/157134.html

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